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In one section all but eight homes in a home tract were moved from their foundations, many smashed apart. More than businesses were ruined as the waters swept through town on the way to Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, and other communities in the Snake River Valley. A reservoir farther downstream was able to contain the flood and halt further damage to Idaho communities.

Rich Smith

The waters soon receded, but there was no power in most of Rexburg or in surrounding communities. There was no outside telephone service, no drinking water outside the campus area, and no sewage services. All had been damaged or destroyed in the flood. Ward bishops organized their leaders and sent them into the homes to assess damages there.

A list of missing homes and missing persons was made even as Church headquarters in Salt Lake City dispatched relief supplies.

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The Idaho National Guard, largely staffed by LDS individuals, moved into the area to help rebuild the damaged roads and to bury the thousands of cattle and other livestock killed in the disaster. Teams went to the various homes in an effort to render aid and locate missing persons.

Daily ward meetings were held to help coordinate relief efforts. Crews of young volunteers helped to staff the Manwaring Center cafeteria, which fed 4, persons each meal during the first days of the flood. Others worked in the nursery tending children for Saints who were feverishly working to clear their homes of debris and silt in an attempt to minimize damage. One of the first wards to organize their cleanup efforts was at Hibbard, about six miles northwest of Rexburg.

Aaronic Priesthood-age youths, including Robert Willmore, were organized into teams and were sent into the homes of the elderly to help them with the tedious task of cleaning the homes and repairing the damage caused by the water.

We’ve Reached the Breaking Point

So the youth in our ward are providing the muscle power for the elderly. The Wilford Ward, located in a community of the same name northeast of Rexburg, was not so fortunate. The chapel was destroyed, as was the chapel in Sugar City. It was reported that only 28 homes in Wilford were not badly damaged.

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Many homes in Wilford, Sugar City, Rexburg, and elsewhere were never found by their owners; the force of the debris-laden waters demolished them and scattered portions through the Snake River Valley. Losses included heavy construction equipment, airplanes, farm machines, irrigation ditches and canals, and thousands of acres of crops.

One young farmer reported his acre farm was covered with rocks and gravel. The railroad between Rexburg and Sugar City was washed from the tracks, with portions being carried one-quarter mile away. Other portions were upended and resembled giant picket fences. Assistance for the Saints included installation of mobile homes on individual properties, distribution of Church welfare goods, and emergency financing of missionaries of families hurt by the flood.

Idaho flood water tore many homes from their foundation as the crest ripped through Snake River Valley communities on its final rendezvous downriver where another reservoir absorbed the water that spilled through the broken Teton Dam. Photo courtesy Ricks College News Service.

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Thousands of meals were served daily at the Manwaring Center at Ricks College. There were no stores opened during the first days after the flood had struck the community. And two weeks before the U. Open, in a match at the Cincinnati Masters, Nick Kyrgios took a bathroom break after being assessed a penalty for cursing at the umpire.

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He grabbed two rackets and walked off the court, trailed by a tournament official who must accompany players on their way to the bathroom. Once under the stands, Kyrgios smashed both rackets against the floor in a back hallway and immediately returned to the court. He never entered a bathroom. Strategic delays of game are nothing new in tennis, but they seem to have gotten worse. The break, which can be used for the restroom or to change clothing, must be taken at the end of a set, unless it is deemed an emergency by the chair umpire.

If players go in the middle of a set, they must do so before their own service game.

Breaking point

However, while there are guidelines to determine when a bathroom break is permissible, there are no penalties for players who spend the time doing something it was not intended for. Line judges and other officials escort players to the facilities without following them in. There also is no time limit for bathroom breaks — compared with the five minutes allowed for injury timeouts — because there is not uniformity in how far courts are from bathrooms.

The Association of Tennis Professionals, which governs men's matches, follows a similar protocol, though the men are allowed two bathroom breaks during a best-of-five match the women have just one break but play shorter matches, needing to win two sets out of three. The U.

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  • The breaks are prevalent even at the lower rungs of the sport, where they border on the absurd. At one pro circuit tournament in Lexington, Ky. Instead of recovering in her courtside chair during the two-minute changeover, she left for the bathroom. She returned nearly 10 minutes later, saying the bathroom was far away from her court. She lost the second set, , after another 33 minutes. Verena Meliss did the same thing after she lost her first set.

    So did Emily Webley-Smith of Britain. On none of these occasions did the winner of the first set leave the court. Granted, it was beastly hot and humid in Kentucky that week. And some players took breaks to change drenched clothing.