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  1. Northern bobwhite

Northern bobwhite

Strypaintker recently acquired Entellus, and Bob is currently guiding the transition process. Made possible with grants from Gazelles Growth Institute.

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Kevin Daum is an award winning and bestselling author of 5 books. He is a marketer, speaker, and columnist for Inc. As an Inc.

Drawing on his background in theatre and business, Kevin is a compelling speaker who has engaged and inspired audiences around the globe. Kevin has designed, produced, and led award-winning executive training programs and events for C-level executives and entrepreneurs on four continents.

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The northern bobwhite is one of the signature game species of upland longleaf pine forests. Bobwhites feed and roost in coveys of 8 to 25 birds. They forage on the ground for a variety of seeds, insects, fruits and plant parts.

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Females lay 12 to 16 eggs in a shallow nest built on the ground and hidden beneath vegetation. The northern bobwhite or bobwhite quail is a medium-sized, round-bodied bird with a short tail and neck. Plumage is reddish brown with streaking on the sides.

Males have a black-and-white stripe above and below the eye with a white throat patch; in females, the stripe and throat patch is tan and buff brown. Skip to main content. Report Issues Report fish kills, wildlife emergencies, sightings, etc.