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  1. Eserleri ve Katkıda Bulundukları
  2. Culdee Creek Series
  3. Eserleri ve Katkıda Bulundukları
  4. All Good Gifts (Culdee Creek, book 3) by Kathleen Morgan
  5. Child of the Mist, These Highland Hills Series #1

Focus on Fiction is pleased to feature. Kathleen Morgan. Prior to her fiction writing career, Kathleen worked for many years as a registered nurse, and she also holds a Master's degree in counseling. When not concocting new and brilliant plot lines, she enjoys quilting, playing the Celtic harp, and spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Kathleen and her family make their home in Colorado. Would you begin our interview by telling our readers when you first became interested in writing? Did you enjoy stories as a child?

Or was it later in life that your interest surfaced? I remember one quarterly report card, in third grade I believe, where my teacher noted I had turned in 21 book reports. In time, my love of books evolved into writing stories that were probably the usual for girls my age--horse and other animal stories.

From second grade on, though, I wanted to be a nurse, so writing as a profession never entered my mind, or at least not until I was in my thirties and home with two toddlers. Then, after reading an article in a magazine on romance writers, something clicked. I started writing again, and haven't stopped yet, almost 19 years later.

Would you be willing to share a little about that time? How did that time influence where you are today in your faith? No one, not even his doctor, suspected he had cancer until it was too late. The shock and terrible grief involved in losing Sean was a blow I am still recovering from, and probably will be for the rest of my life. It's been said the loss of a child is the worst grief there is, that the parent-child bond is one of the most powerful bonds there are. In so many ways, I agree. When I lost Sean, I lost a piece of myself.

Eserleri ve Katkıda Bulundukları

I lost my illusions that if I was a good mother and followed all the rules, I could always protect him. I lost my sense of order in the universe; that parents are supposed to watch their children grow up, and that parents should die before their children. And in many ways, I lost the future, and my concept of how life was and should be. I truly believe, in a symbolic if not actually in a literal way, I died when Sean died--as a mother, a woman, and a human being.

Culdee Creek Series

During that difficult time surrounding and after Sean's death, I found the strongest emotional support from the faith that had comforted and sustained me in my youth, and my family, friends, and the ministers who came to us. I was so moved by their kindness and generosity. Their actions opened up a whole realm of new insights about my fellow man. And there, in the hearts of those fellow men, I caught the strongest, purest glimpse of God that I had ever seen. Through it all, I was reborn. Those are serious career shifts! Do you find it interesting that in the end, God just moved you from healing the broken in body, to helping Him heal the broken of heart?

I hadn't ever thought of it that way--guess I never saw myself as being capable of such an exalted calling. I began writing as an adult because I loved it, and I had all kinds of stories bursting to get out. Then, as I finally turned to writing inspirational fiction, my horizons began to expand. I saw it become a ministry, an obedience to a calling, and the gift from God that it had always been.

If I can now act as a conduit for God's messages to His children, to heal the broken of heart, then though I'm an unworthy instrument, I'll do so gladly.

Eserleri ve Katkıda Bulundukları

Can you tell us the publication story behind the first book, Daughter of Joy? What steps did you take between the day you finished writing the story, and the day you were offered a contract for it? For me at least, it was a natural evolution that as I turned back to the God of my youth, I should also turn my writing in another direction.

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I prayed about that decision for several months, knowing if my heart truly wasn't in writing for the Christian market, I couldn't just pay it lip service. Writing that book was one of the easiest and most joyful books I've ever done. I also took that as a sign from God that I was on the right track. The next two books in that series, however, didn't end up being easy at all.

All Good Gifts (Culdee Creek, book 3) by Kathleen Morgan

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