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Background: adaptive capacity
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Proceedings of the National responsive, and robust environmental governance. Academy of Sciences, , — Bavinck, M. Springer Netherlands. Using perceptions as evidence to improve conser- vation and environmental management. Grant No. NJB acknowledges the support of the Bennett, N. Bennett, N.

Marine Policy, 81, — Nathan J. Knowledge, learning and the evolu- tion of conservation practice for social-ecological system resilience.

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Human Ecology, 34, — Explaining through Abe, J. Local to regional causal mechanisms: Resilience and governance of social—ecological polycentric levels of governance of the Guinea current large marine systems. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 28, ecosystem. Environmental Development, 17, — Adger, W. Governance for sustainability: Towards a D. Sustain- Collaborative environmental governance: Achiev- omy of cross-scale networks in resource co-management. Ecology ing collective action in social-ecological systems. Science, , and Society, 10, online. Agrawal, A.

The role of social networks in natu- resources: Context, methods, and politics. Anthropology, 32, — Conceptualizing power to study social- Armitage, D.

Participants – Laurier Environmental Migration Workshop

Adapting and transforming: Gov- ecological interactions. Ecology and Society, 21 1 , Plummer Eds. Borrini-Feyerabend, G. Governance for the Springer Series on Environmental Management. Berlin, Heidelberg: conservation of nature. In: Worboys, G. Kothari, A. Protected Area Gov- Armitage, D. Adaptive co- Australia. Frontiers in Ecology Borrini-Feyerabend, G.

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Governance for the conser- and the Environment, 7, 95— Area Gov. Hicks, C. Ambio, 44, Carothers, C. Engage key social concepts for — Science, , 38— Brunner, R. Adaptive governance: Integrating science, policy, Hockings, M. New York: Columbia University Press. Developing objectives and attributes.

In: Edwards, tected area implementation. Advances in Decision Anal- Cambridge University Press, Carlisle, K. Polycentric systems of gover- Cambridge, UK, pp.

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Policy Study Journal, in Keeney, R. Selecting attributes to measure press. Operations Research, 53, 1— Larrosa, C. Unintended Chaffin, B. Tony , … Allen, C. Conservation Letters, 9, — Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 41, — Lebel, L. Governance and the capacity to Charnley, S. Ecology and man, K. Martin, K. Evaluating the best available social Society, 11, online. Lockwood, M. Good governance for terrestrial protected areas: A framework, principles and performance outcomes. Journal of Envi- Cinner, J.

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Bright spots among the world's coral reefs. Nature, advance online publication.

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Governance principles for natural resource management. Cohen, P. Social networks support- Society and Natural Resources, 23, — Conserva- tion Letters, 5, — Maida, C. Towards communities of practice in global sustainability. Anthropology in Action, 23, 1—5. Cudney-Bueno, R. Plos Marshall, G. Nesting, subsidiarity, and community-based envi- One, 4, e International Journal of the Commons, 2, 75— Adhikari … Zlatanova, D.

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Current Opinion in Barnes, M. A novel framework for analyz- Environmental Sustainability, Open Issue, 14, 1— Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, , 93— Dietz, T. The struggle to govern the commons. Science, , — McDermott, M.

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  7. Examining equity: A multidimensional framework for assessing equity in pay- Epstein, G. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 14, 34— Morrison, T.

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    Evolving polycentric governance of the Great Barrier Reef. Voluntary guidelines on the responsible governance of E—E Institutions, institutional change and economic per- Nations. Folke, C. Adaptive gover- North, D. Understanding the process of economic change. O'Neill, K. The Environment and international relations. Cam- Gaymer, C. Merging top-down and bottom-up Ostrom, E.